Motivation to Move Up, Part Deux.



I've needed something to kick me in the pants to get saving and paying off debt more rapidly.  The motivation came in the form of a drug-dealer neighbor.  I have called the police on him three times and the cops are constantly out here, but they can't find anything to arrest him on.  I have only owned my townhouse for 1 year, but I'm already considering the move.  If this jerk doesn't get arrested,  I don't know what I'm going to do.  I don't like going home anymore.

Anyhow, I need to pay down the house so I can move.  The sooner the better. ;)


More things to delete

10) I threw away some old sheets.  They had a few holes in them

11) Comforter was being to fray so I had to throw it away!

12) Magazines were brought to the library so that can be reused.  We have a give and take free magazines rack.

13) Paint.  I had two cans of old paint that I threw out.  My closet under the stairs is actually a usable space again :)

14) Paint brushes.  Unfortunately, I am lazy when it comes to taking care of my paint brushes, and thus I had to throw some away.

15) I had to bbq tools that I had duplicates of so I threw out the extras

15) Books - I donated more books to the library.

16) I brought a whole bunch a pens and pencils back to the library where I work.  Apparently I'm quite the Kleptomaniac!

17) Cleaned up my work desk and removed excessive paper, pens, etc from my desk.

I'm beginning to worry I won't make it to 50.  I'm not doing to badly.  Well I'm off to go to a Grape Therapy dinner (i.e.  Drinking wine and dining with friends :)  Have a good evening!



Happy Monday!

This was an exceptionally productive weekend. I relaxed on Friday night, reading a book with a bottle of wine.  That's just how I roll!

Saturday, my family went to my parents to help them clean up their yard.  With over an acre of trees and grass, there was a lot to do.  Then I went to my sisters house for pizza and a beer.  Great way to relax after working outside all day.

Sunday, I started cleaning out my car.  I had snowshoes and other winter items that I don't need just in case a friend wants to play in the snow.  I also went through the glove box.  I swear I don't know how I manage to keep so much garbage in a small area.

#7 of my get rid of 50 things was to throw away my receipts, old car registration cards, and insurance cards.  I only have the current registration, insurance, card, the car manual, and some tools.

#8 was getting rid of two more pairs of sweats.  They are covered in paint and holey!  I've had them for over 5 years.

#9 was 4 more winter shirts that were either in bad shape or never fit right in the first place.  I will fill in more about my weekend later.



Numero five & six

I went through my workout clothes and threw out items that were stretched out and flimsy.  These include bras and t-shirts.

Next, I'm going to tackle my car.  Ugg.  It's a disaster!

Are you into Spring cleaning when the weather gets nicer???
Happy Spring Cleaning!


April 1 - No Spend day

April 2 spending.  $4 on cat food.  Someone game me a $20 Petsmart gift card so I loaded up on canned cat food and ended up only spending $4.  Yeah.

April 3 - No spend day (so far)


Cleaning the wallet at number 4 my April challenge

I'm so happy to clean out my wallet (and dare I say, my second wallet) of credit cards and  loyalty cards.  I have shredded 8 of them.  I don't even need the second wallet now.  Bonus: I found a free oil change.  :)


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