Rainy day

So grateful to have a beautiful rainy spring day.  I love all the flowers and plants after a good rain.  Plus it gives me an excuse to finish reading books and watching documentaries.  I finished "A Room with a View". by E.M. Forester and still reading "Wolf Hall".



Grrrrr.  I had an unexpected payment deducted from my banking account.  Luckily I am able to transfer from my savings to cover, but man these little things have been adding up.  I have never had so many late fees and NSF charges in all my life.  This is so frustrating.  Haven't I learned anything?????

I'm really feeling down today.


Hump day

I had a nice evening last night.  I had a pretty bad day at work so I stopped and got a bottle of chardonnay on way home from work. Not frugal, I know. I talked on the phone for several hours with family and watched "House of Cards" on Netflix.

$10 bottle of wine
$10 gas in my Honda


Goals for the end of April

1. Somehow live on 50 bucks until April 30
2. Get outside and run everyday
3. Lose 2lbs from vacation 169
4. Get my electricity bill as low as possible. The lowest I've had it was about $45 and the highest at $80.  (unplug unused items, turn off lights, no heating or air conditioning)
5. Make a meal plan for this weekend and next week so I don't need to buy any groceries.
6.  Use up stuff in freezer.

Need to get back on track...

Money spent today

Kettle bbq chips
Turkey deli meat

Total $6.76

Money left for the month a measly $50.  Luckily I have plenty of groceries.  I hope I won't have to buy as many in May.  Cutting down coffee to one cup a day.  I wish my work provided coffee worth drinking.  It's ok coffee, but I want my coffee maker to get cleaned once a week.  Yuck!


Empty grey wall....

I painted my walls a medium grey, but I can't decide on what to do with the walls.

Any ideas?


I had a family reunion today. It was awesome to see so many family members. Some I haven't seen for over five years. The food was fantastic. We had pulled pork sandwiches, bakes beans, salad, and lots of fresh fruit. Yummy!
I got home and was in the mood to cook tonight so I made a spinach quiche.


I am not a financial professional. I'm obviously not even very good with money. This blog is for entertainment reasons only. Call a financial professional if you have any questions!